At The RoadAhead we are taking our corporate social responsibility very seriously. We pride ourselves on being an environmentally aware company with protecting the environment at the core of our company operations.

Dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions and reducing traffic:
Although we are not directly involved in the transport industry we can make a huge impact on helping the industry to reduce its carbon footprint by providing a means for them to be as efficient in their operations as possible. Quite simply, if transport companies can fill up their loads they are reducing the amount of vehicles on our roads and directly reducing the amount of CO2 emissions they release into our atmosphere. By encouraging and offering incentives to our users we can promote a greener environment.
We are also very aware of how we have direct access to a huge community of industry providers whom we can educate in the ways in which they can minimise their environmental impact whilst improving company operations. We aim to do exactly that by influencing and encouraging them to adopt a similar policy to our own below:

Our Environmental Policy:
  • Ensuring all company activities are carried out in a safe fashion for our employees and counterparts
  • Managing & disposing of waste in an appropriate way
  • Integrating and considering environmental aspects in all of our management and developmental decisions
  • Offsetting our carbon emissions via subscriptions to organisations who are involved in creating wind farms, planting trees and other renewable energy projects across the globe.
  • Communicating our policy effective via staff training and making our associates aware of our commitment to a greener environment and how they will be expected to work in line with our policy
  • Minimising the amount of waste and operating a strict recycling policy where appropriate
  • Monitoring our purchasing practises and daily internal operations such as our use of energy and transport to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as is feasible.
  • Investing directly in the most energy efficient hardware and software and encouraging our associates and clients to do so too.