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Deciding How Much Space you Will Need on a Removals Van

One of the biggest headaches for both removal companies, and removal customers is being able to communicate effectively with regards to the amount of space you will need on a van. Of course, people who work in the business of removals will be able to tell instantly from an inventory if you, as the customer will need a full load.

That is to say, you have enough boxes to fill all of the space in a lorry. This can be anything from a Luton van to a 40ft container. It all depends on how large your move is and how much you wish to take with you.

Unfortunately, there are times when working out the amount of space you need can be difficult, and whilst any removals professional will do all they can to make sure everything will fit on their van when they arrive, there are times when things get forgotten.

As we all know, moving is a very stressful business, and as the customer you may be so caught up in making sure you have the dates for your move in place, that you have the keys to your new home, and a multitude of other things, it is possible to forget to tell your removal company you have a large item you want to add to your inventory.

There is one way around this. Some removal companies will send a representative to you so they can see for them-selves how large your move is going to be. However, this isn’t always possible because of location. Another way to find out if you will need a full load when you’re moving is to use a volume convertor, and these can be found on the internet. They’re very easy to use, and will tell you within seconds how much space you will need.

The fact is that as the customer, you really need to make sure you prioritise the amount of space you’re going to need. If you don’t it may result in your removal team not being able to fit everything you want to take on the day into the vehicle they’ve sent you, and this will only send your stress levels even higher!

 Of course, it can work the other way as well. If you under estimate how much space you need everything of course, will fit on the lorry but you may end up paying for more space than you need. This is why it’s IMPERATIVE you get the amount of space you need just right.

If you’re looking to find out more about how you can calculate the amount of space you need on a removals van, feel free to take a look here 

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