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Your New Home and Security

When you’re on the hunt for a new home what generally tends to be top of your list? Well, budget of course is one thing we hold in very high regard and, it’s rare that any of us will go above and beyond these days. Once you have the finance in place – and this should be something you ABSOLUTELY make sure of before you even start looking in estate agents windows, you can then start to think about what type of home you would like.

Location is also important to a good many of us but, how many of you reading this that are looking for a new home have thought about security? Not many, is probably the answer. Luckily, there are few areas in the UK that require a home to be like a maximum security prison but, there are some basics you should look for no matter where you intend to live.

It all starts when you first arrive at a property you’re about to view. Below are some tips on what to look for:

The Front of the House

Is the driveway secure? That is to say, is it easy to walk up to the front door, or look through a window at the front of the house? If it is then you should take in how secure the windows and doors are. Locking systems these days can be very complex. For instance, it might be worth looking for a lock on the door that only allows key entry. This means it’s not just a case of turning a key and using a handle.

Lots of doors don’t have outside handles because this helps with security. You should also take note of where the letter box is in respect of the lock. You would be surprised at how resourceful a would-be thief is with a piece of wire! Windows should (at the very least) be double glazed and have locking systems that work from the inside.

It’s also a good idea to look out for an alarm box. These don’t necessarily have to be linked to an alarm, even a dummy box can be a good deterrent against petty thieves. You see, most criminals that pick on houses are looking to be in and out as quickly as possible, and the chances are if they see an alarm box on the front, they’ll move on to somewhere-else.

The Rear of the House

The same applies at the rear of the property as far as windows and doors go. However, you should take note of how secure the back garden is. Does it have a fence that’s not easy to climb? If there’s a conservatory, does it have secure locks on both the outside and inside doors?


Looking for a new home is an exciting time and whilst many of the tips above can be implemented after you’ve moved in, if you think about them prior to making an offer, it could affect the price you pay which, for a buyer is nothing less than a good thing!


Author: Julie Coburn