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Your Carbon Footprint and Moving Home


I’ve blogged many times about how stressful it can be to move home, but you have to remember that aside from losing your hair and worrying about going over budget you should also think about your carbon footprint. For some, this may seem like a “thought” for another day but in the following few words, you might actually find some ways in which you can save some of your hard earned cash!

Energy Saving in Your New Home

As we all know, utility bills in general are on the rise and this is something you should think about in your new home. In fact, it’s a good idea to take a look at what energy saving options the current owners have in place before you decide to buy.

Check to see if the owners have an EPC (otherwise known as an Energy Performance Certificate). This will tell you how much energy is currently being used in the property, and based on those results what you can do to improve it.

Think about things like loft insulation, draught proofing and of course energy saving light bulbs. The last point is more than likely something you can do when you move in but the others can be expensive to put in place so it’s important you know if these measures have already been dealt with.


We all need boxes of some sort when we move home it’s just a fact of life. You could use plastic boxes which once finished with can be used for storage. However, unless you only have a small number of items to move this will cost you a LOT of money. Instead, think about saving up any boxes you come across prior to your move.

You could even descend upon the local supermarket or other business in the area that may have packaging they no longer need. In fact, there are companies to be found on the internet that make it their business to provide you with packing materials they’ve “rescued”. This will cost you less and helps the environment. Plus, don’t forget to recycle or pass your boxes on once you’ve finished with them.

The Removal Company

Many removal companies are taking a greener approach to the way in which they operate their business. Some have done this in order to help keep fuel bills to a minimum, but others are more conscious about our environment. So when you’re on the hunt for a firm to help you move, have a word about their green policy.

Unfortunately, it’s down to us (the average members of the public) to make sure we help preserve our precious planet and whilst you might be stressed to the max, you shouldn’t forget your carbon footprint.


Author: Julie Coburn