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You Have to Feel For the Tourism Trade


So summer is almost over, and the kids are back to school. Although you’ve enjoyed your annual holiday (and are probably already planning your next trip), it does seem like a sigh of relief is required as all the summer madness is left behind.

People in the tourist trade are probably doing the exact same thing. In fact, I have to hand it to these professionals. They really do put up with more than we give them credit for. Sure, they are there to help make our holidays something to remember, but members of the public don’t see everything that goes on behind the scenes. For instance, a job in customer service in the tourist industry is something I would more than likely think twice about.

Why? I hear you ask. Well, here are some of the quotes (or should I say complaints) I’ve come across which I think will make some of you smile, and some of you wince at the mere thought!

Here goes:

“We went on holiday to Spain but had a problem with the taxi drivers because they only spoke Spanish”

“We were not told there would be fish in the sea. Our children were very upset and frightened”.

“I was not made aware in the holiday brochure that I wouldn’t be able to buy proper biscuits like ginger nuts and custard creams”.

“We came across a street trader who had some amazing deals on Ray-Ban sunglasses which only cost us 5 Euros. To our horror, when we arrived home we found they were fake”.

“I went on holiday to Goa and was really disturbed that all the restaurants served curry. I really don’t like spicy food”.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it? What do people expect when they go abroad? By the way, the above quotes are real complaints that various tour operators have received. Just to level things out a bit, I have added a quote below that you may think is quite valid:

“As a tour operator, you should advise us of any unruly or noisy guests before we arrive at our hotel”.

This one may seem as silly as all the rest, but to some extent this person had a point. However, complaining after the event isn’t the right way to go about it. After all, tour operators are not clairvoyant and cannot tell if you’re going to be dealing with noisy guests in the next room!

The people that sent these complaints more than likely thought they had a very valid reason to do so, but next time you go abroad, think about what you’re putting the poor tour operators through. Oh, and by the way if you’ve decided you want to move to the place you’ve just visited on holiday, keep any eye out for my next blog!

Author: Julie Coburn