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Yet Another Short Rant About Fuel Prices!

It’s been some-time since I last voiced my opinion about this subject. However, it never seems to really go away does it? Today (courtesy of Sky News, and the AA), I discovered something that, quite honestly, made my blood boil! We’ve all seen the reports recently where major UK supermarket chains have proudly boasted they’ve knocked 2p off a litre of fuel.


However, it appears this isn’t enough. Today, the AA has spoken out against the UK Government, and for that, I thank them! The fact is, yes, fuel prices have gone down, but we’re all being a tad “duped” here. Anyone who runs a removal company will be saddened when they look at their bottom line each month only to see how much they have to spend on fuel.


For those of us that use the roads privately, we are also being “over-charged” for the privilege. Across Europe, people who are in the business of removals, and those that use the roads privately have been enjoying a slump in the cost of fuel, and the AA firmly believe this should have been reflected in prices at the pump in the UK.


Take this little fact: Fuel in general has gone down in price by an average of 4p per litre. If you take a look at how prices have fallen across Europe, this should actually have been more along the lines of a 10 or 11p reduction! Couple this with the fact that it has been found that prices can differ by as much as 5p per litre from town to town in the UK, it could mean that filling your car or lorry up is something you should probably shop around for!


Author: Julie Coburn

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  • David

    11/19/2012 4:41:51 PM | Reply

    We need to get off this fuel.. we are been held to ransom.. luckily i work from home.. but for some just getting to work costs a fortune