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Who Would Have Thought It!

In an age where everyone is constantly being told to keep an eye on their carbon footprint inventors are coming up with more weird and wonderful ways of building all sorts of vehicles. Cars and vans powered by electric are becoming ever more popular and alternative fuels are also starting to hit the market.

However, did you know that some-time ago someone invented a car that could run on chocolate! Yes, you read that right chocolate! It gets even stranger than that. This car was also made from vegetables. I didn’t believe it either. It had seats made from soybeans, a steering wheel made from carrots and a body that was made from potatoes.

When it comes to the fuel this car uses the engine is biodiesel which has the capability of running on vegetable oil and chocolate! Whilst I applaud the inventors of this car and their commitment to looking after the environment, I doubt there will be many removal companies who will be looking to get their removal customers from A to B using a vehicle made from vegetables….what happens when it rains?!


Author: Julie Coburn

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