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What’s The Most Important Thing to Have Ready in Your New Home?

I write a lot of articles on the art of moving home. What you should do when you’re packing, what steps to take to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything, and I’ve even written some advice on what you shouldn’t do when you’re moving.

It suddenly occurred to me earlier today that I’ve never asked the question “what’s important to have ready when you arrive at your new home”? Well, I know what’s important to me, so here goes:

-          Somewhere I can make a cup of tea. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day it is, I’ve GOT to have a kettle nearby. This of course means I need electric so, if you’re like me; make sure the electric is connected the day you arrive. You might not believe it but even in this day and age; people get to their new home only to find no-one has thought about power.


-          The ability to make a nice comfy bed up. I find the one thing that goes hand in hand with a cup of tea is a lovely duvet that feels just like home.


-          Internet – Now, here’s one that some of you may not agree with but I happen to work from home and if I don’t have the internet connected, it brings on the shakes! Even if you don’t work from home, the chances are you and your family are well used to connecting with friends and family using the World Wide Web, and that’s why this is third on my list. (It was almost first, but I thought that was a little obsessive)!


-          Hot water - There’s nothing worse than travelling all day, unloading a ton of boxes and then not being able to have a hot bath. Somehow, this just makes everything seem better with the world, even if you do have to hurdle a few boxes on the way to the bathroom.


These are just a few of the things that spring to mind for me when I’ve just moved home, and I’ll bet they’re top of the list for a lot of you reading this. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just moved down the road, or have ventured to pastures new abroad; the things above are what start to make a house feel like a home when I’ve just arrived.

What’s most important for you?

Author: Julie Coburn