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What Not to Pack When Moving Home

Moving home is stressful enough and there are many things you need to remember. Packing is one of the biggest tasks you might have, but this all depends on how much stuff you have. The trick with packing is to know what you can do without and what you’re going to need right up to the day you move.

One piece of advice is that you should immediately get a wallet of some sort so you can keep precious items like your passport, purse and any paperwork associated with your move in a safe place that’s not going to end up in a box. The very last thing you need is to have waved goodbye to the removal company who has just loaded all your boxes on a van and then realise you’ve packed a really important item such as a passport in one of the boxes!

When it comes to how you pack, my advice is to take one room at a time. Start with your garage (if you have one), the sooner this is all packed up, the sooner you’ll have a space to put all your boxes. The next place is your loft (again, if you have one). Be ruthless with this space and don’t pack anything you don’t need. After that it’s up to you to decide which rooms you go to next.

The only thing to remember is that on the day you move, you will probably want a nice cup of tea to steady your nerves so reserve a box that can travel with you that has items like a kettle, mugs and spoons so you can make that well deserved cup of tea. If you’re moving abroad it’s a good idea to still hold back certain items so you can at least have breakfast, but make sure you don’t mind leaving them behind.

Author: Julie Coburn