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What Not To Do When You’re Travelling

OK, lots of you reading this will think I’m probably trying to teach you to “suck eggs”, but I couldn’t help myself. I spend a lot of my time scouring the internet and reading all the newspapers so I can bring blogs to you that are informative and interesting to read, (at least I hope they are)!

The one subject I come across pretty much every day is how people are constantly getting into trouble when they’re on the move. This is especially true of people who are flying. Just today, I read about someone who was arrested in Los Angeles when he was found to be wearing a bullet proof vest, had a smoke grenade, knives and various other items that are forbidden on aeroplanes in his bags.

Begs the question how he managed to get on a plane at all but there you go! However, he is now facing 5 years in prison...was it really worth it? I don’t think so. This of course, is one of the more extreme cases, and whilst I’m a firm believer in “innocent until proven guilty”, it is likely this man was up to no good.

This brings me on to some of the things people do that really are pretty silly, and I welcome comments on why people do this when they’re on the move. For instance, making jokes about bombs in bags...what’s that all about? Or, thinking it’s OK to put your favourite lighter shaped like a gun in your suitcase, or even worse, taking your precious collection of samurai swords with you when you’re about to get on an aeroplane. Please guys and gals, help me out...why, why why?


Author: Julie Coburn

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