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What NOT to Do When You’re Moving

If I had a penny every-time someone told me that moving is one of the most stressful things anyone can do in their lives, I would probably be sunning myself on my own yacht in the Med! People say this can be more stressful than going through a divorce, (however, I think there might be people out there that would disagree).

There are tons of things that happen when you move home. If you’re a homeowner, the first thing that gets your heart racing is when you’re house is on the market, and you’re waiting from someone to buy it. Secondly, it sells, and for most of us this means an agonising few weeks walking on eggshells hoping the sale doesn’t fall through.

If this wasn’t enough, once contracts are exchanged everything seem to snowball. You have to pack, organise change of address, think about having your utilities cut-off, and probably most importantly of all try to find a removal company. If you’re in this situation, and my words so far haven’t done your stress levels any good, let me give you a few tips on how to stay calm:

  • ·         DON’T panic! This is the very last thing you should do it will make you forget things that could potentially be very important.
  • ·         Write yourself a list of what needs doing. It may start out as “long as your right arm”, but it will quickly be reduced.
  • ·        Don’t lose your temper with loved ones, remember, they’re going through this as well.
  • ·        Remember why you did this in the first place, and if you find yourself getting wound up, remind yourself.
  • ·        Try doing some meditation believe me, I know it works.
  • ·        Remember that you’ve already got over the most difficult hurdles, your house has sold, and the deal didn’t fall through.

Happy moving!


Author: Julie Coburn

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