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What Has Happened to British Weather?

We all know how we Brits love to complain about the weather, it’s always too cold and wet, or it’s too hot. I happen to live in Europe, and it may surprise some of you to know that even in sunnier climates, the locals like to complain about the weather, but it’s the other way around. They’re always complaining about how hot it is, and how there is never enough rain.

However, I digress because this is now becoming something of a major issue in the UK. The papers today are full of weather warnings, and reports on how the South West of England had 2 inches of rain in as little as 12 hours, and there are, yet again more people being left stranded because their homes are flooded.

In fact, in some rural areas, whole villages have been cut-off from the outside world. Anyone living in these places cannot move around freely at the moment. If this were not bad enough, the public in England have been told to “brace” themselves for more bad weather this evening.

It does all seem like doom and gloom at the moment, and the weather certainly isn’t helping. It’s causing complete chaos across many parts, and is hampering businesses’ ability to operate properly, especially those companies that have vehicles out on the road all day.

Not only that, but the average person isn’t able to get to work, and this will not help the economy overall. For anyone reading this that either lives in the areas that have been affected, or has family and friends living there, I want you to know I sympathise with you. Life is hard enough at the moment without having to deal with atrocious weather.

Stay safe, make sure you don’t go out on the roads unless you have to, and above all do what the British do best, and “keep your chin up”. Surely this can’t last forever!


Author: Julie Coburn