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What Do You Look For in an Online Removals Marketplace?

There are many price comparison websites available these days. You can search for anything from car insurance, home insurance, and you can even post your UK and European removal requirements. My question (as the title suggests), is what sort of service do you look for?


Most of you will probably say value for money after all, what’s the point in price comparison if you’re not concerned about how much you spend? The next point, in my opinion, is ease of use. People (myself included) quickly lose patience when they can’t find their way around a website without spending time trying to figure out how to use it.


The first point here, will of course, be targeted towards the customer using the website, the second will apply to both removal customers, and removal companies. However, whilst these two points are important, I happen to think the accessibility you have to the team that works behind the scenes of websites like this is vital.


What happens if you choose a removal company, and something goes wrong? As the removal company, how do you go about dealing with a potential customer who has no idea how to give you the information you need?


These are just a couple of issues that can arise, and that’s why you need to be able to contact someone who works for the website with ease. Any company that runs an online marketplace, no matter what industry it’s in, is driven by the people who work behind it, and being able to make contact with them not only gives both customer, and supplier peace of mind, it also gives the website a face, (so to speak).


Moving is a stressful business, especially if you’re the person moving, and whilst using the internet is a great way to save some money on the cost of your move, and find a reputable firm you do also need someone behind the scenes that can help, should you have a problem. After all, it’s supposed to make your life easier, not more difficult!


Author: Julie Coburn