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What Are The Biggest Challenges Removal Companies Face?


If you’re reading this from a removal customer’s point of view you might find it hard to think of what challenges removal companies face daily. I could go into the “ins and outs” of running a business generally such as juggling overheads, cash flow and staffing issues. However, there are more challenges in the daily routine for companies that move people’s belongings.

Gaining New Business

OK, so you might be thinking that every business faces this challenge but removal companies are in a very competitive industry, and with the internet being widely used it makes gaining new business even harder. Take a website for instance. How much information do you have to try and cram in so a potential customer is confident you’ll do a good job? How do you go about explaining what type of services you offer? More importantly, how do you get across how well your company is run?

These are all questions that need to be answered and not just through a website. Many removal company’s place ads on the internet, in newspapers and business directories and it’s simply impossible to include everything in what seems like an infinitely small space. For me, (and you may disagree) the trick is to catch a customer’s interest the minute they read the first line of an ad.

Speaking of which…..


Now we all know that customers are the blood line for any removal company. They are the reason you’re still in business but the daily challenges I’ve come across in this respect can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you use say, an online removal marketplace. Not everyone knows how much their items weigh in total, and even less people know how much space they need. Trying to get this across is not the easiest thing in the world. After all, you’re the professional and you’re expected to know these things!

In My Opinion

I think there are challenges on both sides of the fence. The removal customer has to decide if your company is a right fit for them. They also have to decide if your reputation is well respected and that your company will give them value for money.

From a removal company’s point of view the challenges generally lie with making sure the customer understands what’s involved with the service being offered at the price they get. For example, I have come across complaints where poorly packed items have been damaged in transit. Is this the fault of the customer or the company? Collection and delivery dates are also something that crops up often. A customer may say they’re flexible and you offer a price based on this, only to find they complain when it takes a week to get from one place to the other.

The key for me is communication, and for both sides a contract!

Author: Julie Coburn