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What A Pickle UK Councils Have Got Into!

I was recently digging about on the internet (as many of us do) and I came across a story that really surprised me. It appears to be that UK councils have spent so much money on compensating people for damage to their vehicles due to potholes they now can’t afford to fix them!

Any removal company will tell you what great care they take of their customers belonging whilst in transit but running over the odd pothole here and there hardly helps. Not only that, it raises the cost of maintenance to their vans.

For anyone who is moving home this can be a really stressful time and they need to know their belongings are in good and hands. For the most part they are, any reputable removal company will make sure you’re precious items are properly packed and won’t slip slide all over the van.

Having said that, trying to avoid potholes in the road can be a risky business and it’s just making removal companies jobs that bit harder.

Let’s hope that the UK councils manage to get themselves back on track and fix all those potholes instead of spending more money compensating people for the damage they’re causing…..fingers crossed!



Author: Julie Coburn