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Well Done The UK Transport Ministry

It has recently come to my attention that the UK Government is doing all it can to make sure the country’s CO2 emissions are kept as low as possible. What they have done is set up a scheme which some of the major transport companies are taking part in. What they have agreed to is a trial where they will test out more than 300 vehicles which are low in carbon.

I welcome this news, CO2 emissions and the effect it’s having on our environment is constantly in the headlines and being able to see that the UK Government is actively trying to address this issue is very positive news. The program itself will cost about £23 million with £11 million of that funded by the Government.

Some large freight companies have already said they intend to use alternative fuels in their vehicles such as re-cycled cooking oil and are replacing diesel with bio-methane or other natural gases. If successful, this project could help reduce CO2 emissions by an impressive 70%! Seen as how the larger companies are taking part in this scheme, the hope is that smaller companies will follow suit.

Let’s hope it does work out so we can all look forward to a greener environment within the UK!

Author: Julie Coburn

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