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Unions Outrage at Boris Johnsons Latest Announcement

As part of my daily routine, I spend some-time scouring the latest news to hit the headlines, and today (courtesy of Sky News), I came across an article that not only shocked, but confused me. For many years, the various Mayors’ of London have always made the City’s road congestion top of their list.

Boris is famous for riding his bicycle about town, and is also famous for schemes he has put in place to help other people choose cycling as an alternative means of moving around London. However, I have read today that he intends to raise the cost of fares for both the tube and buses! This has sparked some controversy (something Boris is no stranger too), and Unions are outraged about his decision.

Not only is the Mayor going to put the fares up, they’re going to rise by just over 4%. This is 1% above the rate of RPI inflation! Of course, unions associated with the tube and bus networks in London have slammed this decision. One particular General Secretary was reported as saying he expected the Mayor to announce a freeze on fares for public transport.

What confuses me is this: Why on earth is the Mayor of London going to make it more expensive for people to use public transport, when he is also trying to reduce congestion on the roads of this great City? I’m sure he has his reasons, but for now, they’re eluding me!


Author: Julie Coburn