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Transport Companies Breathe a Sigh of Relief after the UK Budget

If you are a transport/removal company you will be well aware of how fuel costs have risen in the past 12 months in the UK. This time last year diesel would have cost you approximately £1.17 per litre at the pump. Today it has tipped the scales at a massive £1.40 per litre! For those of you reading this that don't know, the UK had its spring budget announced yesterday (Wednesday 21st March 2012). In this budget there was some light relief for companies that carry out removal and transport services. Had Labour still been in charge everyone would have been tightening their belts yet again as they prepared themselves for the additional 1p hike on duty for fuel which would have come into effect in April 2012.

The current Prime Minister in the UK has now scrapped that idea….everyone, let that sigh of relief go, you will not be paying this now! Many removal companies are now looking at ways in which they can save on fuel and we at The RoadAhead have recognised this. If you are a someone that is moving home, office or just a few personal belongings, we have removal companies on our books that will help if you don’t need all of the space provided within a truck.

Lots of the removal companies that have signed up with us do in fact offer a service in order for you to rent some of the space in their lorries’. This means that you as the person that is moving save money as you are not paying for all of the space. For the removal company, this means that they can combine more than one job with one truck. Not only does this cut down on fuel costs, it also means that removal companies are able to offer a better price for your removal needs!


Author: Julie Coburn

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