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Tips on Why Your House Might Not Be Selling

Some of you reading the title to this article may feel a little disgruntled. After all, your house is your castle and you’re probably in a situation where you can’t understand why your home has been on the market for so long without even a sniff of an offer.

Of course, we can all blame the current economic situation and it might be true that this has something to do with why you’re not getting people through the door. But, what if you are and you’re just getting comments from the estate agents like “it wasn’t quite what they were looking for” or, “the bathroom wasn’t big enough”.

This can get incredibly frustrating and whilst some estate agents have got better at offering advice over the years, they’re still in the business of selling property and not offering tips on interior design! That said, below are a few things to remember that might help you:


You’ve probably heard this one a million times but it really is true. The less clutter there is, the easier it is for potential buyers to imagine their own furniture in your house. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to almost move out or, put all your own furniture in storage, it just means you have to be as minimalist as possible.

The sorts of comments you want to hear when people are viewing your home are things like “that would be the perfect spot for the TV” or, “our sofa would look great in that spot”. Don’t leave people to their own imagination, try and do it for them.

Keep it Warm and Friendly

We all know what the weather can be like in the UK and even in the summer months, our homes can seem a little darker than they could be. That said, it’s a good idea to keep curtains as wide open as you can  and, if necessary put a well placed floor lamp somewhere that’s not too obvious. The more light you have, the more spacious your home will be.

This may sound like a cliché but it’s also true. The smell of freshly baked bread or coffee tells everyone’s senses they have arrived home and it’s no different when you’re trying to entice prospective buyers so have a go at introducing aromas that will make people feel welcome.

Above All

DO NOT make excuses and always listen to any professional advice you’re given. Of course, being told to drop the asking price can be a difficult hurdle to overcome and, this is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If your agent tells you the price should come down and it will have a detrimental affect on your current financial situation, consider taking your home off the market for a while.

You should try not to blame outside influences. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve made the mistake of switching from agent to agent because I think it’s their fault my home isn’t selling. Word gets around and if your home pops up all over the place when people are looking to buy, this won’t help you.

As they say, patience is a virtue and right now, we all need some of this but, just make sure you follow the guidelines above and you might be surprised.


Author: Julie Coburn