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Tips on What NOT to do When You’re Moving

This weekend my husband and I moved house. We thought that it was going to be easy as we were only moving a few roads away. This turned out not to be the case! First of all we thought that we would save money by using a couple of 4x4’s instead of hiring a van or using a removal company. What we did not take into account was the number of trips that we had to do in order to transport all of our belongings (incidentally there was no furniture to take). However, we soon realised that we had a king size mattress and this posed somewhat of a problem when it came to how we were going to move this huge item of ours. Fortunately, a kindly delivery man took pity on us and for a small charge popped it in his removal van.

First of all, slapped wrists when it comes to the amount of fuel that we used! Secondly, why lug all of those boxes around ourselves when we could have just had a removal company do it for us. I felt the need to let you all know that this is exactly why The RoadAhead is here. Don’t do what we did; simply post your removal job on our website and let a reputable removal company do all of the heavy work for you. Ok, you will have to pay for the privilege but we will ensure that you save up to 70% on your removal compared to using the traditional removal services.

Not only will it take the stress out of moving (no matter how far you are going), it will also stop you from suffering with sore knees, back and feet! Plus, you will be able to get yourself organised in your new home far more quickly.