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Tips on Selling Your Home

We all seem to be experts when it comes to selling our homes, and why wouldn’t we think that way considering how closely everyone watches the market these days. However, I felt the need to re-iterate some points you may have already heard, but decided to ignore.


First of all, don’t value your own property! If your estate agent tells you it’s only worth a certain amount, don’t tell them you think it’s worth more. It’s in your agent's interest to get as much money has possible for your home (after all, they make commission), and they’re in the business of selling houses for a reason.


Take this for example, back in 2005; I was on the market for a house. Do you know what my first question was when looking at a potential property? How long has it been on the market? You see, we ask this question because the longer a property has been up for sale, the more likely you are to get it at a bargain price. It turned out the place I bought was put on the market in excess of £200,000 18 months prior (at the owner’s insistence). I bought it for a little over £164,000!


So DON’T ignore the valuation you receive!


More tips you might have heard, but should never ignore are:


De-clutter – Estate agents (for some strange reason) seem to be reluctant to tell you this. If you can make more space, do so.


Make sure the place smells nice – I’m not saying your home smells, I’m just saying the aroma of freshly baked bread, and coffee does work.


Lighting – If you’re in the UK (or any other Northern European Country that has harsh winters), makes sure you use light to its best advantage. This creates the illusion of space, and airiness.


Keep your pets out of the way – You may love having your furry friends around, but you could miss out on that all important buyer if they spot your pets (people are allergic), and make sure you haven’t got pet hair on show.


These are just some of the obvious tips you should consider when you’re moving, and need to sell your home. Above all, if your agent gives you advice, take it!



Author: Julie Coburn