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Tips on Moving With Dogs


Millions of people move home on a daily basis. In fact, if you could see a pattern on your screen right now of this sort of activity, it would probably blow your mind! Among these people, there are those that have pets and today I aim to give you a few tips on how you can make your dog’s move as easy as possible. I choose dogs because unlike many other animals, they are more sensitive to what’s going on around them. Well, cats are too but they tend to have less dependency on their owners than dogs.

Before You Move

It’s very easy to forget about your four legged friend and how he’s feeling when you start to pack-up your home, and you can be forgiven for this to a certain extent. After all, moving home is possibly one of the most stressful things anyone can do. BUT that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take notice of what your dog is going through.

It’s a known fact that many breeds of dog (if not all), have issues with “separation anxiety”. Perhaps you’ve had to leave your dog in kennels before because you couldn’t take him on holiday with you? Or, you’ve had a friend take care of him for a while. It may surprise you, but this is in his memory banks and he will have let you know how much you were missed when you returned from your holiday.

For this reason your furry friend will start to stress when everything around him is being boxed up. The smells and sounds will change. Just like you, his comfortable surroundings will no longer be, and to him that can mean only one thing – you might be leaving him for good! If you notice your dog wants more attention than usual, do your best to make sure he gets it. Constantly reassure him and when you do have some quiet time (as little as that may be), make sure you and your family pay him plenty of attention.

If you’re not moving too far away, try taking him to his new home before you actually make the leap yourself. This will allow him to at least give the garden the once over and get an idea of his new surroundings.

On the Day

If you have chosen to use a removal company, make sure your dog gets to know the team that will be helping you. As a dog owner, you will know how territorial they can be and the last thing you need is a removal man running down the path! You could also hand out some treats for the team to give your pet (always a sure fire way of making him your friend).

Assign someone to look after your dog and make sure he is kept in a safe place, but somewhere he can see the action. Dogs will stress more if they can hear what’s going on but can’t see it. Of course, it goes without saying that the pen you set-up for him should include food, water and his favourite toys.


Author: Julie Coburn