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Tips for a Safe Journey When Moving Home


If you’re currently in the UK or any part of Europe that gets a proper winter and you’re moving home, there are a few tips to follow if you intend to drive to your new location. Of course, at this time of year you have to be more prepared than others because of the potential hazards that can occur so to make this aspect of your move a lot less stressful, take a look at some of the tips I have for you below:

The Vehicle

There are a multitude of scenarios I could deal with here, but let’s start with the most obvious:


  • Make sure your car (or van) has been serviced before you embark on your journey. This will ensure that anything the average person may miss is pointed out, and could avoid you breaking down along the way.


  • If you’ve had a service done you should still make sure that your vehicle has plenty of oil and water. Anti-freeze will also be an important consideration if you don’t want any mishaps with ice on the windows.


  • Make sure your vehicle is clean! Visibility can be pretty poor during the winter months, and being able to see what’s going on around you is important especially when you start driving in areas that are foreign to you.


  • Take the sun into account. It’s the same pretty much everywhere in the UK and Europe at the moment. The sun sits much lower in the sky than it usually does so make use of those sunshades, and a decent pair of sunglasses should always be handy.


  • Get properly insured! If you’re going abroad check your motor policy will cover you for anything you might need when you leave the country. Things like roadside assistance, or help with getting to a hotel if your car cannot be fixed are at least two points you should consider.


You and Your Passengers


  • If you’re travelling from the UK to sunnier climes, you can be forgiven for thinking you won’t need to worry about staying warm. However, this could be a huge mistake! It get’s cold in many parts and if you do happen to breakdown, you’ll need to stay warm.


  • If you can, take a few blankets with you and some extra clothes just in case. You should also make sure you’ve got plenty of food and water.


  • Plan your route well in advance, and make sure you have an idea of what the weather is going to be like when you finally embark on your journey. A map is also an essential item in the vehicle (even if you do have SatNav) because we all know how they can let you down when you need them most!



The less obvious points to think about are those that involve journeys which take you into the mountains. You might need snow chains or other additional items so you don’t get stuck along the way. Above all, as long as you’re prepared this part of your move could and should be as exciting as the prospect of the new life you’re about to experience.



Author: Julie Coburn