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Three Reasons Why You Should Use a Removal Company

If you’re moving home and you’re on a budget, you can be forgiven for thinking you can save some money by cutting out the need for a removal company. For some people, this is fine if you’re not moving very far away. However, for the most part, this is something you should most definitely budget for and below are the top three reasons why:

Less Stress for You

You may think this isn’t the case but, a professional removal company can actually take a lot of stress out of your move. I have moved home more times than I care to remember and on the occasions when I have used a company to help me, I will never forget that sense of relief when the removal team turned up, packed my belongings with what seemed like lightning speed and delivered them to the door at my new home.

You see, once your goods have been taken away (and if you’ve done your homework properly), you will know they’re in good hands and this means you can get on with other jobs that need doing. Believe me, there are plenty of them.

It Saves You Money

Again, you might think “what”? But, it’s true. If you decide to move your things by yourself there are tones of things to think about. Yes, it might cost less to hire your own van and, after all, you’re not paying someone-else for their time spent loading and unloading. However, ask yourself this? Do you know how to properly pack a van? Do you know all about the additional insurance you might need for goods in transit and, of course insuring yourself to drive the vehicle?

If you can’t give a definitive answer to those questions, you might well end-up spending more in the long-run. Not only that, if you do break something and find you’re not insured, depending on what it is, it could cost you loads more to replace than it would have to hire a team of removal men for the day.

There is Less Chaos

If you move your own things, you may not be as organised as a professional team. I’m not saying you’re not organised it’s just that the professionals that do a move for you only have one job on their minds whereas you have many! All the boxes (if you’ve labelled them properly), will be put in the appropriate rooms for you. If you do this yourself, believe me, I speak from experience, it could be days before you find the bedding!

Costs of course do vary when you use a removal company but, it is will worth thinking about using a firm to help you simply because it will ensure the moving day goes so much more smoothly.


Author: Julie Coburn