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The Weather Reeks Havoc in Parts of Europe

If you live in the UK, you may have experienced some pretty poor weather over the last couple of weeks, and you may be thinking how lucky people who live in Countries in Europe that traditionally have sunnier climes are. However, it’s not always sunny days, and balmy nights.


For instance, this weekend one of the oldest and most famous City’s in Europe had so much rain that over 200 people had to be evacuated from their homes. This City is Venice, and is famed for the fact it’s practically built on water, but this weekend was no fun for residents and tourists alike, with water levels rising to over five feet (1.5 metres) above sea level. Shockingly, over 70% of the City is now under water. In fact, the whole Tuscan area has been badly affected.


If this wasn’t bad enough, sunny Southern Spain has also suffered this weekend. Andalusia was hit by flash floods that injured many, and over 500 people were evacuated from their homes. A small number of people even lost their lives!


When you see the words “tornado” and Southern Spain in the same sentence, it doesn’t quite compute does it? However, if you’re considering moving from the UK to Europe, it is worth noting that this weather is pretty unusual, and will pass. It’s also worth noting that locals and the authorities are working together to make sure they restore their towns and Cities to their former glory.  


Author: Julie Coburn