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The Increasing Importance of Self Storage


As an English Expat living in Spain I have been watching with horror at the terrible weather everyone has been experiencing in my home country! People have suffered wind damage to their homes, flooding, and loss of power and everything-else that goes along with a particularly hard (and very wet) winter. It’s not the best start to 2014 or, indeed the best way to see off the end of 2013.

However, this got me thinking. I’ve written articles before that relate to self storage, but the idea behind that was if you need somewhere to store your items if you’re moving home and you can’t take everything with you right away. You could also use self storage if you’re moving somewhere you don’t intend to stay forever. The reasons are endless really when you think about relocating and your belongings.

But, what suddenly sprang to mind is that whilst you can’t protect your bricks and mortar from Mother Nature, you can protect everything you hold dear, and that comes in the form of self storage! You might be thinking at this stage this is another expense you could do without but when you weigh up how much it will cost to replace everything that’s damaged in a flood, and the stress you undergo waiting to find out if your insurance company will cover you, I think this is the perfect answer.

How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

I know! This is the first thing any of you reading this will think, and you might be surprised to learn that it can actually be a very cheap way of protecting your belongings. Obviously prices will differ depending on various factors, see below for some ideas:

  • Location is something to think about. Inner city self storage units tend to cost more because the level of security needed is higher.


  • The type of facility you need will affect the cost. Do you need a unit all to yourself? Do you have high value items to store? Will you need specialist conditions such as protection from humidity?


  • The size of unit you need will also need to be factored into the cost.


  • Access arrangements and the level of security required are something-else to consider. Round the clock security and access 24/7 will cost you more.


With all this in mind, just to give you an idea it can cost anything from £45 to £200 per month. Although, make sure you shop around because there are some great deals out there.


Many self storage companies offer pretty flexible contracts, so you can choose one that suits you best. OK, you might have to live without the TV or the games machine for a while but knowing they’re in a safe place that’s protected from the elements will at least bring some peace of mind during a bad spell of weather!

Author: Julie Coburn