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The Fifth Mode of Transportation – Could it Change the Way We Travel?


As we all know, technology never stands still and this is especially true of transportation. We’re always reading about the latest in innovation with airplanes, trains and probably the most popular, cars. It sometimes makes you wonder what an earth the people behind these ideas will come up with next.

Well, someone has come up with yet another revolutionary way of travelling and it comes in the form of the Hyperloop. Before I tell you exactly what this is, I have to give credit to the man behind this design, and his name is Elon Musk. You may have come across the name because he is the co-founder and CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. If that wasn’t enough, he is also co-founder of PayPal.

A very rich and clever man you may think (and that would be true), but it appears he’s not satisfied with stopping at three of the best known companies on the planet. The idea behind the Hyperloop first came about because Mr. Musk was sick and tired of plans the State of California had to build a bullet train that would, in actual fact be one of the slowest and the most expensive to run.

Instead, he has gone against the grain on this project which, incidentally was going to cost no less than a whopping $70 Billion! In his own words, he has dubbed this new mode of transport “the fifth mode of transportation” behind cars, planes, boats and trains. You may think that we will need to worry about the use of fossil fuel with this “little” invention but not so. Mr. Musk intends to create an elevated transport system that runs on solar power, AND it will travel at 700mph!

Currently, the specs are set to have tubes that will run between Los Angeles and San Francisco. If this project works, and it’s bound too considering the impressive C.V. this man holds, you could be looking at a cheap form of transport that will have you in another city within minutes.

The possibilities are endless. Imagine being able to apply for jobs that are many miles away from where you live? Think about how quickly you could get from the North of England to London? As far as finding work is concerned, the Hyperloop could open doors you never thought would be unlocked.

In fact, there could be a time when you’re in need of a particular service such as removals and the team could be with you in the blink of an eye! I’m sure all of this is a long way off, but for once I welcome the initiative experts in the field of transportation are planning to bring our way.

Well done Mr. Elon Musk, I wish you the very best of luck!



Author: Julie Coburn