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The Facts about House Clearance


There are a couple of reasons you may be looking for a house clearance service, and the first is that you’re moving but you can’t take everything with you. The second is a slightly more delicate situation, in that you could have recently lost someone close to you, leaving you responsible for clearing out their home.

As for the latter situation, this can be a very emotional and stressful time in your life, and some people may not be able to do this type of clearance on their own, if at all. This is why there are many companies out there to help, and they will deal with this situation as delicately as they can.

What to Look Out For

If you’re moving and can’t take everything with you, a house clearance company can help you too. However, there are a couple of things to consider before you accept a quote. You will need to make sure that your chosen company is properly licensed to take on a project like this, and it’s vital you find this out first.

This is because there are many laws associated with waste, and how it’s dealt with. If the company you’re talking to cannot provide the necessary documentation to prove they’re licensed, it’s best to move on to someone-else.

A reputable company that offers a service like this will take many things into consideration. They know there are sensitive issues that can surround a house clearance so many of them will arrive at your home in an unmarked vehicle. After all, you don’t want to advertise the fact that you’re emptying a property of some of its personal belongings. The reasons behind this are your own, and professional house clearance companies respect that!

They will also be able liaise with your solicitor or estate agent if you can’t oversee the project your-self. This helps take the stress out of having to go through something that can leave your emotions raw.

Other Services

Depending on your situation, it may be worth enquiring about other services you might need. For example, if you’re clearing a home because you want to rent, or sell it, some firms will also offer a cleaning service which will help you to successfully market your property. It’s not just homes companies like this will help with. They are capable of clearing a commercial space, garages, and lofts, so it doesn’t really matter what your situation is, a company that does general building clearance will be able to help.



Author: Julie Coburn