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The Best Time of Year to Move House

I’ll start by saying there isn’t one really! Anyone who has moved house will know what I’m talking about. It’s a highly stressful thing to do and, it doesn’t matter if you’re off down the road or to another country. The same issues are still going to be there.

Except for the fact that when you move abroad, there are additional jobs to consider such as travel and properly researching the country you’re moving to (a story for another day). What I would like to do today is give you some ideas on the pluses and negatives of moving at certain times of the year.


Spring seems to be the most popular time of year for people to move house. There could be a number of reasons for this. Perhaps us humans are more in-touch with nature than we think. As we all know, spring is the season of love and nurturing. For some reason, we feel the need to “build nests” just like the birds in the trees.

Another reason could be that the weather has finally turned (or not as the case may be in the UK this year)! That aside, no-one wants to be moving home in treacherous conditions such as icy roads, and high winds. So, this is a reason why it would be a plus to move at this time of year.

However, the negatives are likely to put a dent in your pocket and cause you delays. Removal companies become very busy at this time of year and, it can be difficult to find the dates you want with your preferred company, unless of course, you’ve planned well in advance.

The other thing about this time of year (and this suits people who are moving overseas) is travel costs go up.


This part is easy! It will be much simpler to find a removal company that has adequate space however; do think about moving just before Christmas because that’s the main rush during this time of year. Everyone wants to be in their new home in time to put some decorations up and “cosy down” for the festive season.

It will also cost you less in travel, especially if you’re moving abroad to somewhere that has a warmer climate. Autumn/winter is the considered the low season and flights, ferry crossings and the quotes you receive from removal companies will be lower.

A Final Few Words

The fact is we cannot always control what time of year we move and, as the words above prove there are pluses and negatives to both. The one thing I will say (which I have said many times before) is try not to stress, this will just make the whole experience far more difficult.




Author: Julie Coburn