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Taking the Personable Approach with an Internet Based Business

I was just looking back at the blogs I’ve posted recently, and I could forgive my readers for thinking that I have become little more than a channel for all the doom and gloom that’s going on in the UK and Europe at the moment. Not only that, I took the liberty of having a little whinge about my own removal issues yesterday.


So, today I’ve decided to try and write something that’s a little more positive, and I apologise to anyone reading this who is an avid believer that you shouldn’t market your own business when posting on your website.


In the past few days, anyone who knows The RoadAhead website well will have noticed that we have made a slight change to our home-page, and I’m utterly amazed at the difference it has made. Suddenly we’re receiving more phone calls, and they have been from removal customers and removal companies alike.


Everyone has been so positive. I’ve had comments like “it’s nice to put a face to the name”, and “I think it’s a great idea to add a personal touch to your website”. First of all, thank you to all of you that have taken the time to give such positive feedback, and I hope you enjoy using our website.


Of course, it doesn’t stop there, in the coming weeks, there could be other changes that are more subtle, but we intend to do this to further help the people who use our website feel like they’re part of a community.


We’re not a one dimensional website, we welcome interaction from the people who take the time to register with us, and use the service we provide. We want you to feel involved, and we also want you to feel like you have a personal service that’s here to help.


Watch this space in the coming weeks, and thanks again to all those people who have said such kind things about our website, and the idea behind it, it matters to us!



Author: Julie Coburn