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Staying Safe When Moving Abroad

Whenever you look for information on the internet (or anywhere else for that matter) to find information about how to move home safely have you ever noticed that everything appears to be centred on your belongings and not you?

I have, and this is why I thought it was about time someone put out a few tips on how you can keep you and your family safe when you’re moving overseas. After all, at this stage your belongings are already being taken care of by the experts!

Prior to your Move

Wherever possible make sure you can contact a medical facility of some sort at your new destination. Depending on where you intend to move, will depend on the facilities open to you. If you’re in anyway worried about this, contact your local embassy.

Remember, prevention is better than a cure.

You should also make sure your money is safe before you move. I understand there are a million things to remember but sorting out your bank accounts and making sure you have access to cash as and when you need it should be top of your to-do list.

If the country you’re moving to is not English speaking, get yourself some lessons before you go. Not only will knowing some of the language (at least the basics) make every-day life easier, it will also mean that you’re capable of showing some respect to the locals, and you won’t stand out quite so much as “new-comers”.

On the Day of Your Move

Whilst no-one will wittingly move to another country they don’t feel comfortable with, there are things you do at “home” that you take for granted and may not think about when you’re in the middle of a move. Think about these questions:

Do you get dressed up just to go the supermarket?

Do you leave your handbag or wallet on show when you’re out?

Do you always wear the complete contents of your jewellery box?

The answer to all of these is probably no, in which case, the same applies when you’re on the way to your new country. The trick is to look like you belong. Unfortunately there are undesirables no matter where you live and if you forget all the little precautions you do without thinking in your home country, you could turn yourself into a target for petty crime.

The First Day You Arrive

For the first few days you’re likely to spend some time getting used to your new home. However, if you’re making your own way from an airport for instance, if you’re in a hire car remove the sticker from the back of the screen (as much as they may not like it).

Ensure you make use of the security you have in your new home, at least for the first few days. You need time to adjust and if you are being watched, you need to make sure they know you’re no push over!

All in all, I’m not trying to scare you into thinking you’ve made a mistake. After all, I have been living away from my home country for almost 7 years now without a problem. The points above are pretty much common sense but, they can be forgotten when you’re going through the stress of a move.



Author: Julie Coburn