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Some Tips on How to Use The RoadAhead

We at The RoadAhead are now just about to enter our 3rd month since we went live. I have to say that we are doing really well; I feel now is the time to let both Removal Companies and Removal Users know that we are constantly striving to streamline our system; here are some tips on using our website for you:

Removal Companies

Did you know that if you have a job that you wish to contract out, you can post this on our website and then just wait for others to bid on your job for you; this will save you time and money looking for the right company to handle the work for you. Our feedbacks system will allow you to make sure that the Removal Company you use is reputable.

Did you also know that if you verify your company with The RoadAhead, this will increase your chances of winning more removal jobs on our website? If not then you can do this by logging on to your account and sending us a verification document.

Removal Users

Anyone who is moving home, office or just a bicycle or 2 and has registered with us knows how quickly they can register; in fact, it takes as little as 60 seconds! However, did you know that we have a section on our website where you can list all of the items that you are sending when you post your removal? Well, you can! This will save you loads of time telling different removal companies that are bidding on your job and asking what it is you wish to move. If you need help with this you can email, telephone or make use of live chat system to find out how.


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Author: Julie Coburn