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Some Advice on Allergies and Driving

Many people in the UK and Europe will suffer from allergies during the spring months and the most common of these is hay fever. The symptoms for hay fever vary from person to person; if you do suffer from this annoying little allergy be careful when you are out on the road. One symptom you can suffer from is sneezing, there are very few people on the planet that don’t close their eyes when they sneeze; this can be really dangerous when you’re driving. Accidents happen in a split second and you could end up in an accident if you’re not careful.

I felt the need to bring this information to you as removal companies have people out in their Lorries driving all of the time and may not have thought about the dangers that suffering from hay fever can bring. Of course, if you are someone that has a removal company and you or your staff suffer from hay fever there is plenty of medication that you can take to stop you from sneezing. Be careful here as well, some products can make you feel drowsy or just generally sluggish. If you’re carrying out a removal that will require you to be on the road for a good deal of time, make sure that you check the type of medication you are taking.

For all of you removal companies out there, be safe and keep your hay fever under control at the same time. Why not follow us on social networks by clicking on this link 


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