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Self Storage Is It Useful or Not?

I have written many articles on why it’s important for people to de-clutter before they move, and the main reason for this, is there is no point in taking items with you that you’re not likely to use anymore.


However, by doing a little research, I have noticed that removal companies that offer a self-storage option, or, indeed companies that only deal with self-storage have noticed a dramatic rise in the amount of enquiries they’re receiving about this.


This led me to ask the question why? Well, it seems the answer is simple. We appear to be following in the footsteps of our great friends across the pond in America. People are starting to realise they can store their belongings relatively inexpensively, and don’t have to worry about them being safe.


One of the main reasons for this is people who have been lucky enough to sell their homes at a profit, are down-sizing, and are deciding to rent instead of saddle them-selves with another mortgage. Another reason is that people are starting to see the potential in the rental market, and are using their homes to do just that.


Of course, many of us will not offer a home for rent that’s furnished. Aside from all the insurance red-tape you have to go through, the very last thing you need is to have your precious sofa, or vintage coffee table damaged.


Because of the rise in this side of the removals business, many self-storage companies have started to change the way they charge for this. In years gone by, you, as the customer would have to pay a fee based on the amount of space you take up in a storage unit. It appears, from the reports I’ve read recently, this is on the change.


Many companies now offer a service where they will send you the boxes you need, and you only pay for the number you store. I happen to think this is a great idea because it means the customer only pays for the number of boxes they have, and it saves them from renting a storage unit that’s neither too big, or too small, which means there is no wastage on space.


This works well for both the storage company, and the customer. Why? Well, the customer only pays for the space they use, and it’s possible for the company to make more of the space they have.


Whoever thought of this idea, I hope the company you work for gave you a massive Christmas bonus, and that you’re now enjoying a private space of your own in the office!


Author: Julie Coburn