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Retired? Moving Home?

I’m going to draw upon a personal experience to help you with this one. I remember when I was in my mid 30’s I told a work colleague in the UK that I was too old to consider emigrating. How wrong I was! I mean you’re mid 30’s! Life is only just beginning then however, I digress, this little story isn’t about me, it’s about my dear Mother and Father In-Law (and yes, I love them both dearly).

My husband and I left the UK in 2006. We spent 12 months in South America, 18 months in France and finally settled in Spain. This amount of travelling sent most of our family into a bit of a spin so, you can imagine the scepticism when we said “that’s it we’re staying in Spain”.

After about 12 months or so we managed to convince my husbands parents we were staying put. They had long wanted to leave the UK and, back then they were approaching their very late 60’s. It started with the odd trip over (about 2-3 times a year) and then, eventually they started looking at buying a property.

One day, during one of these trips, my Mum In-Law waltzed into the house and proudly announced they had bought a house (followed by a very worried looking Father). I must admit, this took us by surprise but, we were delighted at the same-time. At last, the “terrible four” would be back together, not only in the same country but in the same town as well.

What followed was a whirlwind of paperwork, selling property in the UK, and of course, the actual move. Fortunately for them, help was at hand in the form of my husband and I. We knew all the pitfalls to look for when you’re actually moving. We were there to give advice on how to find a removal company and what to look for. Just to give you an idea, below are a few pointers we passed on:

  • Get several quotes


  • Make sure the company has experience in moving to the country you’re moving to.


  • Oh, and DON’T just choose the cheapest!

There are of course, plenty of other things you should look for, but these are the main points we passed on. Anyway, it’s been over 2 years now and Mum and Dad couldn’t be happier.

If you’re still wondering what the point of this piece is let me tell you. It doesn’t matter what age you are, life is there for the taking. If you’re looking to make that all important move to somewhere idyllic, somewhere you’ve always dreamed of, my Mother and Father In-Law are living proof it can be done!


Author: Julie Coburn