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Renting a Property Abroad

There are million different reasons why someone would want to rent a property abroad. Perhaps your job requires you to move to another country for a while, in which case you’ve more than likely already got plenty of support from your employers. It could also be that you’ve decided to get out of the property ladder and cash in on the profit you have in your home (if you’re lucky enough to have any at the moment).

Maybe you’ve never had a mortgage and just don’t want one (I’m with you there)! The thing is how you go about renting a place in your chosen country. Well, the first thing you should do is make sure you find a reputable estate agent to help. You simply cannot do this on your own. Secondly, make a list of all the potential properties you would like to see and book yourself a good week or two so you can stay where you want to rent.

Spend that two weeks having a good look round, and don’t be side-tracked by beautiful marble floors and wide open spaces, even if you’re moving to a warmer climate. I speak from experience (and I live in Southern Spain), you do adjust to the warmer temperatures and winter is still winter, it gets cold!

The last piece of advice I’ll give you, is make sure you check out how the rental contracts work in your chosen European Country. They all have differing laws about how long you can stay, what sort of taxes are involved and who is responsible for things like the upkeep of a garden. NEVER sign a contract until you’re solicitor has approved it for you.

 Author: Julie Coburn


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