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Removal Companies – What Goes on Behind the Scenes

I was talking with the owner of a removal company the other day, and whilst I thought I knew everything there was to know about moving, and how it works, the gentleman I spoke to taught me a thing or two in the space of about 5 minutes!


Anyone who is moving is so busy thinking about their own stresses, they forget what exactly goes on behind the scenes so you can get your belongings to your new destination not only in excellent condition, but on time as well.


Of course, we all know that everything gets loaded on to a lorry, driven to the new destination, and delivered, but it can be a bit more complicated than that, especially if you’re moving to a new country within Europe. Below, I’ve outlined a few things I think us mere mortals should try to think about before we’re critical of professionals who work within the removals industry:


Quoting – This is the first hurdle the firm will have to “jump”. They know that they’re not the only company that’s offering you a price, and getting it right can be a real headache. We’re all guilty of not knowing what size of load we have, and whether it will fit into a particular size of van. It’s almost like we expect a bit of “E.S.P” on the removal company’s part, and this is the first thing any removals professional will gently try to “teach” us.


Winning the Job – After what seems like a million questions have been asked, and answered (adequately), which any professional will respect, you decide to accept the quote you’ve received. This is where I’m limited to the number of words I can use, (after all, this is a blog, and not a novel)!


There all sorts of issues that can arise for a removal company. You tell them you’ve forgotten to add that precious antique mirror to your inventory, or you need to move the dates you originally gave them. Whilst any reputable company will do their best to accommodate your needs, there are costs involved with changes like this.


Then there is communication whilst the move takes place, some of us are “laid back”, and trust our chosen removal firm to do what they do best, and there may only be a couple of times you will need to speak to them. On the other hand, some of us are little more “uptight”, and will want constant communication with the company.


The message I’m trying to get across is that whilst any removal company will know how stressed their customers are, you have to remember you chose to use said company for a reason, and respecting what goes on behind the scenes should be taken into consideration.




Author: Julie Coburn