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Putting off Moving Office Because It’s Too Much Hassle?

If you have a business that’s thriving at the moment, then lucky you! However, you may well be in a situation where health and safety has become an issue because you have no choice but to store boxes of documents in the middle of the floor! You may also be having trouble finding a space for new members of staff to work.

Its time, you can’t put it off anymore. If you want your business to expand and keep your staff comfortable you’re going to need a bigger office space. The trouble is where do you start? We all know how much is involved with moving home, but relocating your office has a completely different set of headaches.

However, it’s not impossible to do, and with a bit of forethought you can relocate without too many issues. It’s just a case of planning. In the following few words, you’re going to find some information that will hopefully set you on the right track.

Furniture and Other Items

Of course, you can’t relocate without the help of a decent removal company (unless of course, there is only you and one office); in which case you could probably get away with a man and van. There are various ways you can set about looking for a firm to help you:

The Internet – Try posting your requirements on a comparison website. Many companies that offer this sort of service will have already vetted any company that’s using them, so you can be safe in the knowledge their reputable. These sites generally also use a feedback system which is another way of gauging how reliable said company is.

The Yellow Pages – Some people may think this age old yellow book is a bit outdated these days, but if you have the time to make loads of phone calls instead of sending emails, you could try this as an option.

The Local Paper – Again, this can be a good source of information if you want a removal firm from your local area, but it will require some homework on your part to make sure you have found the right company.

IT and Telephone Equipment

There is no getting away from it! You can use the same removal company you’ve employed to move your furniture but, you will need someone who knows what they’re doing to install everything for you in the new building. However, for most of you this shouldn’t be a problem because you’re likely to have contracts with both IT and telephone companies respectively who can help you with this.

Moving office doesn’t have to be as much hassle as you think. Just make sure you keep your calm, and plan well in advance.




Author: Julie Coburn