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Preparing for your moving day

European removal companies with the RoadAhead

A lot of the most stressful elements of moving house can be reduced with good forward planning and a structured approach. First of all, if you do have children you should make sure that all of the family are involved and prepared for the practical and emotional journey to be taken. If you have small children, sitting down and explaining the transition ahead, in a positive and excited way, can ensure that your role as overseer is made easier, as well as allaying any fears the children may have about what can be an intimidating change. Make them feel like they’re part of the process by giving them some small, manageable jobs to do.


 The practical side of a move – the dreaded packing process – can be expedited by using checklists and organising a sensible labeling system for your belongings. As anyone who has attempted to move their entire family unit will know, packing your possessions is not just a case of throwing everything into random boxes. Indeed, by starting the process with storing away the items in your home that you do not use regularly, you leave time to sort through and properly label your most-used items, as well as your significant valuables. This is also a good opportunity to get rid of some clutter by throwing out, selling or donating all those un-used clothes, utensils and toys that are clogging up your storage space.


Another major source of anxiety – and expense – is items being lost or damaged in transit.  Careful packaging and labeling of all of your items can reduce the risk of this happening, but you should also make sure that your most valuable possessions are covered by home contents insurance. Look out for policies that offer protection outside the home – some even offer specific cover for moving home that allows you to protect both properties during the transitional period. Other companies such as RIAS, offer home insurance on a new-for-old basis on lost or damaged items (except for clothing and household linen over 3 years old), so if something does go wrong you shouldn’t end up out of pocket.


Finally, try to get all of your packing done a few days before your actual moving day as the last minute scramble to find a place for everything you own is guaranteed to raise stress levels. If after all of that you still find yourself climbing the walls, just take a deep breath and remember that most of us only move a handful of times in our adult lives. If we're sensible, that is.