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Phew! September is Almost Over

Well, September has certainly been an eventful month, especially for removal companies. For those of you reading this that haven’t thought about how much work goes on behind the scenes so a removal company can get your belongings from one place to another safely, maybe you should.

These companies work tirelessly night and day and they carry all manner of items. They are often on strict deadlines and they know the average person is relying on them to deliver on time. It’s easy to forget the sort of problems a company like this can come up against. Take Brittany Ferries for instance, this last couple of weeks the French workers have downed tools because they feel the conditions they’re working in are not good enough.

Couple that with the amount of flooding the UK has experienced in the last couple of weeks and I’m sure you start to get the picture on how much more difficult it has been for removal companies to help people who are moving do so successfully.

I personally take my hat off to any company that needs both road and sea to complete its daily business and my personal message to you is well done! Let’s hope that October brings better conditions for all concerned.

 Author: Julie Coburn


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