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Our Second Instalment on Moving to Spain

If you read the blogs often on our website, you will know that just a few days ago I decided to give out some advice on what to consider when you’re thinking about moving to Spain. I also promised you some more information and, the middle of June seems like the perfect time to hand out some advice on WHEN you should move to Spain (that is to say, what time of year).

Once May is over and June arrives, it’s nothing more than Fiesta time across pretty much the whole country. If you intend to move into an area that has a large tourist population in the summer months, you might want to re-think moving there at this time of year.

In Southern Spain

Without going into a great long explanation about the history in Spain (which, incidentally would take a life-time to do), Southern Spain is very well known for its Moors and Christians Fiestas. These are celebrations that are taken very seriously among the locals (especially the older generation) and it marks the liberation of certain towns and villages from the Moors who were quite unceremoniously driven out by the Christians.

Because certain towns were liberated at different times, you will find this celebration taking place at many different places and times across the whole month of June so, if you’re moving to this part of the country, it’s worth checking when it’s going to take place. My advice is to try and be ensconced in your new home prior to when the fiesta season starts and, the only reason I say this is the parades and costumes are something to behold let alone the firework displays to be had!

The Rest of Spain

The Moors and Christians is big news in the South of Spain but it doesn’t really matter what part you intend to move to, there are various celebrations that take place across the whole country through the summer months so it’s worth checking a calendar to find out if there might be a local holiday in your chosen destination. It’s not enough just to check for National holidays as certain provinces have their own holiday calendar. This could mean that you won’t find a supermarket open for instance which can cause a problem if you need to buy some essentials upon your arrival.

Of course, if you use a removal company that knows the area well, they will be able to tell you in advance what dates are best.


Author: Julie Coburn