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Our Environment and Moving Home or Office

Many of you reading this are probably in the process of moving home or office and the last thing you’re thinking about is your carbon footprint. There are lots of debates about this subject, you only have to pop the phrase in to your search engine and you’ll be faced with a myriad of articles. They all have different opinions but there is strong evidence to suggest that the world’s atmosphere is being affected by the amount of CO2 emissions we humans produce.

OK, there are people that will tell you it’s down to the amount of cattle in the world but isn’t that our fault too? When you’re moving home or if you own a removal company it is really worth thinking about the environment. For those of you that have removal companies, think about how much fuel you can save if you operate in such a way that you make sure your vans a fully loaded every-time they leave your depot. You will need fewer vans and will spend less time going to and fro from your customers doors.

If you’re moving and don’t think you’ll need a large van to house your belongings ask your chosen removal company if they can fit them in as a “part load”. It will save you money and you’ll be helping the environment as well.




Author: Julie Coburn

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