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Oh Dear Not another Fuel Strike!

As a removal company you may well be aware that there has, over the last 48 hours been a threat to strike by Unite. This means that there could be thousands of petrol stations that will have to close due to the lack of fuel across the UK. It is normal practice for the general public and transport companies alike to feel the need to make sure that we are stocked up with enough fuel so that we can still get around when and if the strike takes place.

Unfortunately, fuel companies have responded by raising their prices. If you are a removal company with a fleet of vehicles you will find that diesel has gone up by a staggering 43%! For the general public, the hike in petrol prices is even more shocking. This has gone up by 83% as reported in the news today!

It’s always a difficult one to comment on when any body of workers threaten to go out on strike (in this case it is fuel tanker drivers). Whilst we feel the need to support people for standing up for their rights it can also be hard to stay on their side when we are affected directly.

I really hope that this blog has reached those of you that run a removal or transport company in the UK and that you are not hit too hard by this problem. Why not check out our website out and see how we can help you save on fuel by combining more than one job at a time.


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