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Oh Dear! Kids and Moving Home!

There is a saying “never work with children or animals”. We love our kids to the point where we would die for them, but there are times when you feel like banging your head against a wall, or tearing your hair out.

One of these times is when you’re moving. If the mere act of getting all your belongings from one place to another wasn’t stressful enough, it will sometimes feel like your children are just putting barriers up for the sake of it. The first thing I will say if you’re in this situation is breathe! Try some meditation, it worked for me.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving just down the road, or abroad, your kids can pose the same problems. However, moving abroad can bring other issues which is something to be addressed another day. You see, children get comfortable with their own space as well, and as adults, we sometimes forget this.

The older we are, the easier it is to understand that you can still keep in-touch with family and friends, no matter where you are. It’s also easier for us to understand that we can still create a personal space for our-selves even if the area is new to us.

This is why kids act up (mostly). I’m no expert, but I think the best thing you can do is talk to them. It might seem like getting “blood out of a stone”, but if you try to put your-self in their shoes, it won’t take long before you get through to them.

Focus on the positives about moving home. Maybe it’s a bigger house? Perhaps your eldest is going to get a bigger bedroom? You might be closer to a shopping centre that has your kids’ favourite games shop in it? Anything you can think of. Remember, it may not seem like it at times, but they are human as well.

Author: Julie Coburn