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Moving? What to Do If You Need to Take Furniture Apart

Packing up your belongings when you’re moving home is probably one of the biggest physical jobs you’ll have to do (if your removal company isn’t doing it for you). If you’ve ever moved home before, you may well have been in a situation where parents and grandparents are suddenly the world’s experts on how you should go about doing this.

It can be pretty annoying, I mean as teenagers we’re bad enough at taking advice, but for some reason even once we’ve reached adulthood we still seem to resist certain offers of advice from our older generations. What’s the reason for this? Who knows, but it might actually be worth listening for once.

Here are some of the points you may hear that you should seriously consider if you’re going to be able to unpack you furniture at the other end with the minimal of fuss.

Say for instance you have a pretty large dining set. A table large enough so it leaves you puzzled as to how you ever got it into the house in the first place, and 6 chairs that are made from solid wood that’s pretty heavy.

As far as the table goes, you will probably have no choice but to take it apart. As for the chairs, well, taking them apart will reduce the risk of damage and make it far easier to carry them. So, you set about the job with gusto. Suddenly you have a dining set that looks like it’s just been delivered from a company that does flat pack furniture.

Now, this is where you have to be clever (and parents and grandparents, I salute you if you’ve passed this information on in the past). You have to remember that you’re going to need to put it all back together. So, you will need to know what parts go where. The legs for you chairs for instance can all look the same but, they do have different functions.

Make sure you pack everything in a sensible way. For example, for the chairs, it’s a good idea to keep all of the front right legs in one place (preferably boxed) and clearly mark that box. Do this with the rest of the major parts you have. Once you have everything in boxes it’s HUGELY important that you make sure they go on the van in a space of their own.

There is nothing worse than arriving to your new home and you’re about to put your table and chairs back together only to find  that you’ve got to sort through a load of boxes before you find all the legs you need! Now, just what do you do with all those nuts, bolts and screws?

If you’re anything like me, your first thought is probably to tape them under or on the parts they belong to so they’re ready for you. This can be a BIG mistake. Tape is great but it doesn’t always work well in moist, warm or cold atmospheres and your furniture may go through some of this.

Instead, do what Ma and Pa told you. Put everything in separate plastic bags, then put all of this in a secure plastic box and mark it clearly. This may seem like a lot of fuss, but you’ll be thanking me for this advice in the end!


Author: Julie Coburn