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Moving Home? What If You Have Something Unusual to Relocate?


Planning your move can be (as I have said many times) one of the most stressful things you can do. However, what happens if you have an item that’s precious to you but doesn’t fit the standard remit in terms of packing it into a box and putting it on the back of a lorry?

This can add to your stress levels because certain items need specialist care, so in the following few words I have picked out a couple of the most popular pieces you might own but have no idea how to go about getting them from one place to another.


This can be a wonderful addition in any home, and if you do own one the chances are its cost you an awful lot of money so making sure it’s transported correctly is something that should be top of your list. Below are some points to think about:

Consider where your piano currently sits. If it’s on the ground floor you’re in luck because getting it out of your house will be much easier. However, if it’s on the first floor or above you’re going to need professional help. NEVER attempt to strap the piano yourself and push it out of the window. For all of you that are old enough, the famous Laurel and Hardy scene springs to mind.

You will need a furniture dolly, and the vehicle your piano is going in should have sufficient space to strap it firmly in so it can’t move. You should also make sure you plan a route from A – B that’s as smooth as possible. Going over rough terrain won’t do your instrument any favours.


Again, what springs to mind here is the famous scene from Only Fools and Horses, and if you have a chandelier the end result in that scene is the last thing you want. This one needs careful planning and you should think about it well ahead of your moving date.

You will need to make sure you have a heavy duty box and LOTS of packing materials such loose-fill or bubble wrap. When taking the chandelier from the ceiling, place something padded and soft beneath it (just in case). Once you have it down from its place, you can set about removing any crystals or other removable parts. Make sure they’re well protected when placing them in the box. Finally, remember that you shouldn’t leave any light bulbs in place because these can react to temperature fluctuations resulting in something not unlike a mini explosion!

Approach a Professional Company

Whilst the points above are there to help you if you’re considering moving an unusual item on your own, it will probably save you a lot of time and stress if you approach a removal company to do this for you. Just make sure they have the necessary experience and tools to do the job. Before you know it, your piano or chandelier will be sitting proudly in your new home!


Author: Julie Coburn