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Moving Home During Winter

Considering the amount of TERRIBLE weather the UK has been experiencing, and for that matter, parts of Spain, and France, I though it prudent to give you a few tips if you happen to be moving home right now. In fact, even if you’re relocating your office, you may find some of the information below useful as well.

Many people prefer to move home in the spring, or summer months because, well, because the weather is kinder, and we all feel just that little bit more relaxed about the world in general. Unfortunately due to a number of reasons, this isn’t always possible.

So, what extra precautions should you take? Well, for a start, if you’re packing your own belongings, you have to make sure they’re well protected. Of course, you need to do this no matter what time of year you’re moving, but when the weather is sub zero, things can become damaged much easier.

For example, if you have wooden or varnished furniture, and you’re packing it your-self, any reputable removal company will point out this will need some extra protection. Not all UK & European removal companies use temperature controlled vehicles (otherwise removal costs would go through the roof), and if the items mentioned are not properly wrapped, the cold will get to them. This means varnish may peel and wood could splinter, so invest in some extra bubble-wrap and warm blankets.

You also need to think about things like house plants, and any food items you want to relocate. House plants won’t survive for long in the back of a cold truck, and perishable food items will do just that perish! Paper products should also be well protected for obvious reasons. If possible, take your house plants in your own vehicle; otherwise ask the advice of your removal company about how best to move them.

Don’t forget you either! If you’re moving a good distance away, and the weather is going to be less than desirable, remember to take things with you in the car that will help if you get stranded. You’ll need plenty of water, and food-stuff to munch on, and of course, warm blankets.

Moving in winter isn’t the most desirable time of year to relocate, but if you follow some of the tips I’ve shared with you today, you’ll be nice and cosy in your new home (or office) before you know it!


Author: Julie Coburn