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Moving Home Again!

Anyone who reads my blogs regularly will know just how many times I’ve moved home. Since leaving the UK in 2006, I have lived in 3 different countries, the last being Spain. Unfortunately, I’m not that financially well off that I can afford to buy my own property which means I rent.


This works fine for me (or so I thought). You may not know, but if you rent a property in Spain, the law states you can only have an 11 month contract, unless you come across someone who is willing to trust you enough to offer a contract for longer. Now, I’ve been living in Spain for just over 3 years, and I’m just coming up to the end of yet another contract.


I was really hoping I would be able to extend my stay in this house, but sadly, that’s not to be. The reason I write these words today, is because I’ve suddenly realised I spend my time telling everyone-else who is moving, how they should go about it. I haven’t even found another property yet, and I’m already looking around to see how I’m going to pack everything up.


Am I getting ahead of my-self I thought? The answer is probably no. Unlike when you a buy a property, when you rent, moving can actually happen really quickly, and I’m not talking weeks, I’m talking days!


So, I guess it’s time to take some of my own advice, get that pad and pen out, and start making a list of things that need to be done. Maybe this time, I’ll know if I’ll be putting my Christmas tree up in the same home twice!


Author: Julie Coburn