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Moving Abroad? Here’s Some Advice


If you’ve finally decided that moving abroad is right for you (and this is a decision I hope you haven’t taken too lightly), the time has come for you to set about making preparations. Anyone who tells you this is an easy thing to do is, quite frankly, living on a different planet! In fact, you’re about to embark on a journey that can be incredibly stressful, yet if it’s done correctly it can also be very rewarding.

Below is some advice that will hopefully help you along the way:

Make Sure Your Figures are Right – There are many scenarios with respect to money when you decide to emigrate. Perhaps you’ve sold your home and intend to use the profit to live off when you arrive in your new country? Maybe you’ve sold and bought a new home? It could even be that you’re retired and intend to live off your savings or any other form of income you have such as a pension.

Whatever the situation, I would advise that you check, double check and check your figures again! I have come across many a situation where people have moved to their dream country only to find that years later, they can no longer afford to stay so making sure you’re financially secure is HUGELY important.

Plan Well In Advance – Moving house in the same country is bad enough. In fact, for anyone who does this for the first time simply packing, loading, unloading and unpacking your home can seem like the biggest job of all. Whilst this does play a massive part in your move, there other things to consider and these are important no matter where you intend to live.

If you start planning early, you will be ready for any mishaps that can happen along the way (and believe me, they can happen)! Keeping your paperwork in order such as banking, medical records, birth certificates, marriage documents and everything-else you may need should be easily accessible.

Some countries, even in the EU can be a bit of a bureaucratic nightmare so if you make sure you have all the necessary paperwork to hand this will ensure you don’t end up in any sticky situations.

Have The Basics Waiting For You At Your New Destination – There is no point in arriving at your new home with all your belongings to find you don’t have basic utilities such as gas, water and electric. Make sure you understand how this works in your new country, and that it will be working when you arrive.

In most cases, it’s a good idea to have an estate agent or other type of property management professional working for you on the “other side”. You may even want to go one step further and ensure you have other “luxuries” such as the internet and television.


These points may all seem pretty insignificant but if they’re missed, it can have a huge impact on the whole moving experience. Just make sure you really are ready to make what is probably going to be the biggest step in your life so far.



Author: Julie Coburn