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Mother Nature at Her Worst

Today this blog is not going to talk about any transport news, or interesting stories about travelling. It’s not even going to offer any advice to removal companies, or people who are moving home. No, today this blog is going to talk about the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has caused on the East Coast of America.

$20 Billion worth of damage has been caused, millions are without power, and there are families who are mourning their dead. For anyone affected by this terrible natural tragedy, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Over the past few days this Hurricane has dominated news headlines, and with good reason.

Yesterday, the atmosphere in New York was eerie to say the least. It was impossible for people to travel because all subways, airports and roads were closed. The pictures of the state of subway stations are shocking in fact any picture related to this “Super Storm” is shocking. At the moment it’s hard to believe New York and the surrounding areas will recover.

However, New York is a proud city, as are its inhabitants, and the effect Hurricane Sandy has had on both the City and its people will take months to rectify. We know the people will stand tall and WILL bounce back from this.

It’s not just New Yorkers that have been affected; Atlantic City has also been battered by this storm, as have many coastal towns up and down the East Coast. Thoughts now are turning to the “clean up” of what the storm has left behind, and we know the people will work together with the emergency services to help get everything back on track.

To one and all in this part of the world...we’re thinking of you.


Author: Julie Coburn